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Intro: Start Senior Care Consulting in 6 Weeks

  • Built WITH you and FOR you, to ensure your success. 
  • You'll continue receiving coaching support even AFTER you've completed the program. 
  • We want to ensure your success in senior care consulting.
  • You'll be certified to subcontract with us on future contracts

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Start Consulting in Six Weeks

You Can Start Senior Care Consulting in 6 Weeks

Become a consultant and start your own consulting business in senior care. You can be up and running in 6 weeks. No cray start up costs. This course includes EVERYTHING you need to leverage your senior care experience to start and scale as a six-figure senior care consultant.

Senior care

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Nena Hart


Nena transforms stagnant regions struggling with their staffing and systems into thriving operations with high-performing teams. Through more than a decade of leadership, Nena has seen the negative effects of staffing instability on census growth and quality outcomes. She created a formula to sustainably solve the staffing crisis for healthcare providers of the chronically ill and aging. Nena grew the census in her own region from 700 to over 1500 patients, and opened 10 denovo locations, all in under 3 years.

She is a certified ACHC accreditation consultant in Palliative Care and Hospice and led her region to the largest parent provider survey in the nation at that time. She has her Masters in Nursing Administration and is the Owner of Hart Healthcare Solutions, which helps long-term care and hospice companies take back the financial health of their organization, stop the vicious cycle of critical staffing, enhance survey outcomes, and ultimately improve patient care.  

Nena hart

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