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Specialized Services for Post-Acute Care Providers

Clinical & Operational Excellence in Hospice & Home Care

Equipping hospice organizations and their leaders with the knowledge and resources to ensure quality management, regulatory compliance and accreditation, and operational efficiency, ultimately helping them deliver exceptional results in all areas of operations

Our Services

Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

We'll help make sure your next survey is a success. Whether switching accrediting bodies or seeking deemed status, we will guide you through the entire accreditation process.

Education & Leadership Development

We provide customized training, education, and education, including continuing education for your clinicians. We offer workshops, webinars, and seminars, presented in person or remotely.

Quality Improvement & Operational Efficiency 

We can help support the successful implementation of your continuous quality improvement program. We take the complex and make it simple for leaders and staff to easily execute at a high level.

Upcoming Webinars

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Our Process


Understand: In-depth discovery assessment 


Identify: Pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies


Prioritize: Agree on the highest return activities


Plan: Create a clear strategy for success


Partner: Guide and support plan implementation 


Evaluate: Assess the effectiveness and sustainability


Process Improvement: Revise and refine interventions


What Matters Most To Us

Our values direct our steps and guide how we interact with clients and deliver our services.


Excellence comes from a team that is unified in the vision set before them. Aligning towards a common goal and getting very clear on the desire outcomes.


Leaders are the key to a culture and morale that fosters excellence. Leaders need consistent education, support, and accountability to succeed. 


A byproduct of all of the efforts to achieve excellence is rapid growth. Increased census, margins, improved quality indicators, and compliance.

Meet Our Principal Consultant

Nena Hart

Owner and Executive Consultant

Nena Hart is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Nursing Administration and has a history of transforming stagnant operations struggling with their staffing and systems into thriving regions with high-performing teams.

Through more than a decade of post-acute care leadership, Nena has seen the negative effects of staffing instability on census growth, quality and survey outcomes. Nena was able to grow the census in her own region from 700 to over 1500 patients and opened 10 denovo locations, all in under 3 years.

She is a certified ACHC and CHAP accreditation consultant in Home Care, Palliative Care, Hospice and Home Health. As the area vice president of operations, she led her region to the largest single parent provider survey in the nation at that time.

She is a Certified Lean Healthcare Professional (CLHP) and is the Owner of Hart Healthcare Solutions, which helps post-acute care organizations take back the operational health of their organization, improve efficiency, stop the vicious cycle of critical staffing, enhance survey outcomes, and ultimately improve patient care.

Nena Hart Hart

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Nena Hart Hart

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