LTC Survey Ready Resource Pack

A sucessful survey starts here! Pre-Survey Audits, Tools, and Plan of Corrections Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this include every single form needed for any survey?
No. I am certain there are many other tools that could be made. Maybe we can do a second pack! Send me ideas.

Is there anything I need to do with the forms before use?
Review and ensure they align with your desired policies and procedures. Make changes and add facility-specific areas.

Is it for a certain EMR? No. Nothing EMR Specific.

Is it facility or company specific? No, you will certainly find things that you want to add or remove to make it perfect for your team.

Can I print, save, and change anything in it? Yes, you can use only what you like, and download, save and edit all materials to be specific to your needs.

How long will I be able to access the materials? All materials and courses once purchased have lifetime access. Lifetime refers to the life of the education platform. Download all materials to have to make sure you always have them.

Course Summary

A successful starts here! Over 20 Checklists, premade education tools, audits, and downloadable resources.

Each item can be edited to meet your needs.
Check out the specifics below.

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    • Access to all downloadable forms, trainings and updates
    • Recorded pre-survey training workshops
    • Roadmap for survey success
    • Access to a community of experienced leaders
    • Updated survey resources
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