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If mock surveys and software programs
aren't preventing you from losing money. . .

Enter: Revenue Rescue for Nursing Facilities

Consulting Package For Nursing Facilities

Your LTC Turnaround Specialist

Nena Hart


Nena transforms flailing long-term care facilities into self-reliant organizations with high-performing teams. Through more than a decade of leadership, Nena has seen facility after facility hit with jeopardy level deficiencies and civil money penalties which were ultimately related to staffing instability. Believing there was a better way, she embarked on creating a formula to sustainably solve the crisis of facilities failing to thrive in long-term care.

Nena has her Masters in Nursing Administration and is the Founder of Hart Healthcare Solutions, which helps long-term care and hospice companies take back the financial health of their organization, stop the vicious cycle of agency use and critical staffing, enhance survey outcomes, and ultimately improve patient care.  

Nena Hart

Mock surveys and clinical analytics still aren't preventing your facilities from having negative survey outcomes.

We Have A Solution That Will Help Your Organization:

  • Reduce high turnover rates and labor costs
  • Improve survey outcomes and quality measures
  • Develop self-reliant facilities with high-performing teams 
  • Eliminate the drain of high-cost agency staff
  • Increase margin and skyrocket the financial health of the organization
  • Shift clinical leadership mindset from managing in crisis mode to strategic planning for operational efficiency

Discover the 90-day formula that unlocks the lever to improved survey results, patient outcomes and quality measures.

Working Together to Improve Quality & Revenue

Revenue Rescue for LTC Facilities


  • 13 Week Consulting Package
  • 8 power hours of remote coaching support
  • 8 Modules of recorded training sessions packed with valuable content applicable to your clinical leaders
  • An individualized plan to rapidly remedy open positions and get laser focused on staffing 
  • Exercises to apply and implement the strategies they have learned 
  • Tools and Resources that support effective scheduling practices and address complex staffing issues 
  • Shared learning opportunities among facility leaders in the organization

Case Studies

"We often struggle with stabilizing our staffing. Nena was able to give me direct feedback and guidance to better understand how to prioritize my responsibilities, patient needs, and time to recruit and hire new team members. She assisted us with facilitating our new employee orientation and streamlining our process to ensure their on boarding was as smooth as possible."
Ashley Calloway, Executive Director
"Nena helped us fully staff our rural facility with permanent local staff. For the first time I can remember we didn't have to rely on agency staff to get our patients taken care of. Our facility is so rural and isolated no one here thought it was even possible.
Marsha Unsell, Assistant Director of Nursing, RAC-CT

What is Included in the Consulting Package?

During the 13 Week Program Facility Nursing Directors Will Learn:

  • How staffing oversight affects the facility and the organization 
  • Staffing & Survey Outcomes
  • Strategies to stabilize staffing patterns and staff with purpose 
  • Rapidly Reducing or eliminating reliance on agency staff 
  • How to work through staffing challenges at the facility level 
  • Tactics to tackle open positions and become fully staffed 
  • How to understand labor costs and their impact on facility finances
  • Daily Staffing Management: Managing Your PPD’s 
  • How To create a dynamic team to support staffing stability and increase operational efficiency 
  • How to course correct issues with new staff in the first 90 days 
  • Creating a culture of stability and positive patient outcomes 
  • Implementing effective change management: Getting Staff On Board with Changes 
  • Conflict Resolution: How to effectively schedule staff and deal with the day to day drama

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Additional Materials & Resources
Support Successful Implementation

1 Hour Recorded Training on Staffing And Survey Success

Staffing Tracker Hiring & Onboarding Spreadsheet

Toolkit for Facility Leaders to Engage Their Team

We help your clinical leaders create an environment where people want to work, patients get excellent care, and your profit margins don't evaporate in agency labor costs.